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Cattleya Di Pasqua •  36 (Physical age: 25) • Species: Kitsune • Sexuality: Up to player • FC: Kristen Stewart • Open

“I can’t escape this hell, so many times I’ve tried, but I’m still caged inside. Somebody get me through this nightmare, I can’t control myself. So what if you can see the darkest side of me. No one will ever change this animal I have become. Help me believe it’s not the real me. Somebody help me tame this animal.” 


Cattleya grew up differently than most in her time. Abandoned as a baby and found by a group of wild kitsunes, Cattleya almost didn’t survive. The difference between the kitsunes of the wild and the ones assimilated into society is that they were truly animals. They saw the baby as food, not something to care for. An older kitsune female, desperate for a child after her fourth miscarriage, refused to let them kill the child. She raised the girl as her own; as a wild kitsune. The child was raised as an animal, not a human. For years she never saw any outside of the small pack of kitsunes who took her in. Cattleya didn’t even know that others existed. She hunted with her mother, learnt everything from the woman, but everything she knew, and did not know, was due to that woman. The girl grew to be a beautiful young woman, coveted by many in the pack, but she was far too busy rolling in the mud to think about things like love and producing pups to continue their species. Cattleya was almost like a child at heart, but something much more rabid and untamable to be considered young. She was turned at the age of twenty-five, but that was years ago.

When the plague hit, her pack was forced to move. Cattleya’s family was torn apart and she didn’t know what to do. Her mother packed her and what little they had and they moved into the nearest town. Everything was unfamiliar and the sounds and sights made her skittish. Men and women spoke to her oddly. She couldn’t understand, couldn’t help but stand out. At first she feared that she would be killed, but her instincts always taught her to kill or be killed. If someone were to attack her, she wouldn’t hesitate to end them. It was that way in the wild; surely it couldn’t be too different in civilization  It took a few years, but she finally found a semblance of normalcy in this new life when she and her mother found another pack of kitsunes in the town. They were newer arrivals, coming because they’d heard of the war and the need for more bodies, more power, and more strength. Cattleya was born as a fighter; she was eager for a battle and didn’t want to rest until the war was won. Her craving for bloodshed only became stronger up on the death of her mother at a vampire’s hand. An unrivaled hate for the creatures developed within her and any that come into her sight are in danger of her short temper and sharp claws.

With the impending war, the kitsune is restless. She is constantly on edge, snapping at anyone and everyone. Cattleya doesn’t quite trust the other kitsunes and without her mother to settle her emotions, she becomes a slave to them. Everyone seems too restricted and reserved compared to her which makes her feel even more ostracized  Frequently she cannot tolerate being around them and alienates herself. Aciano is the worst, and Jasper is the best. The two are complete opposites. Where Aciano makes her feel bad about herself, like a child despite the fact that she is older than him, where as Jasper makes her almost feel like she is back in the wild where she belongs. He treats her as her mother did: easing her fears and calming her down from panic spells. Cattleya feels so out of place without him around and realises that she had the tendency to follow him around like a duckling would its mother. He doesn’t seem to mind, but at times she feels like a burden, a weak little pup that is only being tolerated because he can’t get rid of her.

The girl tries. She really tries. She wants to be soft and docile and hospitable like the other girls of this place, but they grew up knowing the right things to say and the right way to behave whereas she was raised to be an animal. Without a mother, without a family that truly understands her, Cattleya spends her days mostly feeling alone. She is the odd kitsune out, the one that no one quite knows what to do with. She is a valuable asset, but very rarely is she included in anything. As much as she is needed, she is a liability; the wild card of the kitsunes. Still, while the girl knows this, she tries her hardest now to be a normal girl. She attempts to act sweet and caring and kind, but in the end she can’t change what she is.


✔ Helpful, Willing, Eager
✘ Frantic, Hostile, Unpredictable

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